Glenn Carstens-Peters

CleanTrac: Revolutionary Mobile App Monitoring

Our mission is to deliver technology and services to enable providers to easily direct, communicate & coordinate the improvement of behavioral conditions.


Providers monitor and support the treatment of behavioral conditions


Participants and clients track and monitor their own success and growth in the recovery process


Providers monitor care plan compliance for participants, especially those with behavioral health issues

Technology to Meet the Need

With CleanTrac providers gain:

“[Participant] was notorious for missing his appointments and coming to report in super late. Ever since he was signed up for Cleantrac, he has made a complete turn around. He had not missed an appointment and was also here to report [on time]. He also used the app for his own personal appointments that he was able to keep track of. [Participant] was granted probation and did mention if it wasn't for the app that he would probably not have been successful with his reporting.”

-PreTrial Case Manager

Texas County
“A female participant who had struggled with addiction professed that the use of CleanTrac helped her organize and stay on track where she had been unable to do so in the past. She credits the app with helping her regain custody of her autistic son.”

Recovery Center

Major Texas City
“CleanTrac is a very user friendly technology! I believe it will be able to provide wonderful case management and supervision for individuals needing to have an extra support through an online app like CleanTrac that is on their mobile phone. Very easy process with enrolling defendants and being able to walk them through the basics of the CleanTrac app so they can become accustomed to it on their own time after they leave the office.”

County PreTrial Parole Officer

Texas County

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